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Aug 29, 2018

Announcement regarding unauthorized use of “Panasonic” and “樂聲牌” trademarks in sales and advertising

Shun Hing Electrical Trading Co., Ltd. (SHET) recently discovered that some companies have advertised and sold Panasonic Electric Oven/Steam Oven through Facebook and unknown websites. Customers paid for the products but received products which were not the same model they ordered. In light of the above, we (SHET) reserve all rights to pursue legal action against the unauthorized use of “Panasonic” and “樂聲牌” trademarks and the spread of deceptive advertisements for the sale of products with untrue content.

We would like to remind consumers to pay extra attention to identify the genuineness of Panasonic products while purchasing. Our Panasonic products should come with warranty cards issued by SHET and we have authorized Shun Hing Electric Service Centre Ltd. to offer warranty service to the products. Consumers should examine their purchased products after they received them to make sure they get what they want.

Should you have any enquires, please contact our customer service hotline 2833 0955.