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Panasonic Launches New Deep Bass Bluetooth Headphones M series

Jul 21, 2020

Deep Bass Bluetooth Headphones M Series

  • XBS DEEP - 40mm Free Edge Driver System, Acoustic Bass Control
  • Active Noise Cancelling eliminates surrounding noise
  • Bass Reactor amplifies low frequencies with actual vibration to create bass sound that makes you feel like you are in a live house concert
  • Comfortable fit with Side Pressure Dispersion Technology
  • You can launch smartphone voice function* such as Siri via the multi function button. This enables you to select music, adjust the volume, and make phone calls, without having to get your smartphone out
  • 20 hours' wireless playback when fully charged
  • 1.5 hours' wireless playback after 15 mins. quick charged

* May not function depending on the smartphone specifications and app version

M500B E GE C Standard L191218 640X459

M700B E GE K Standard L191218 640X459


Suggested Retail Price HK$1,599

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Suggested Retail Price HK$1,199

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Suggested Retail Price HK$899

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