Coffee Maker



Suggested Retail Price HK$1,980

  • Power Consumption 750W
  • LCD Touch Screen Control
  • Selection of Bean / Powder Mode
  • Power Consumption 750W
  • LCD Touch Screen Control
  • Selection of Bean / Powder Mode
  • Timer Mode / Cleaning Mode
  • With Keep Warm Plate and Glass Carafe
  • Basket with Mesh Filter
  • Max. 6 Cups Capacity
  • Anti-Drip Valve

Enjoy the Natural Taste and Flavour of Coffee

Make Fresh, Delicious Coffee Automatically

Freshness is the Key to Good Coffee

The secret to good coffee is to brew freshly ground beans immediately. Just place the beans in the bean container and let the machine automatically do everything from grinding to brewing.


A Simple 5-step Operation

  1. Place the coffee beans (ground coffee) in the container (coffee basket)
  2. Select the coarseness of the grind
  3. Select the strength and the number of cups
  4. Fill the water tank up to the number of cups selected
  5. Press start

Conical burr coffee grinder and internal structure

Grind the Beans Evenly to Enjoy a Consistent Tasting Cup Every Time

The sharp grinding blades quickly and evenly grind beans for a pleasant and delicious coffee. The ground coffee falls straight down into the filter to begin brewing.


Enjoy Fresh Coffee at All Times

Use the Timer to Enjoy Freshly Ground and Brewed Coffee

By adding ground coffee or beans and setting the timer, the machine automatically grinds the beans and starts brewing to provide coffee at the set time. You can prepare a delicious brew according to your hour of rising or your guest’s schedule.


Keep-warm Mode Runs for 40 Minutes

Once brewing finishes, the machine automatically keeps it warm for 40 minutes to maintain its optimal flavour. It controls the temperature to prevent it from stewing.


Adjust Flavours According to Taste and Need

Grind Your Choice of Coffee Beans to Suit Your Taste

The Beans Can be Ground at Three Different Levels

It gives you three different griding levels to choose from when grinding beans. Enjoy selecting the level to suit your taste, from a coarse ground for a clean, easy to drink cup to medium-fine for a brew with a robust richness.







Adjust the Strength of the Brew

Choose from Three Different Strengths

Enjoy coffee to suit your preference or occasion, from a rich and aromatic cup to a mild brew to serve to guests.

Coffee strength


Snow Snow Snow Strong


Snow Snow Medium


Snow Mild

*Image is for the illustrative purposes only

Serve Up to 6 Cups at a Time

Make sure the water added to the tank corresponds to the number of cups selected. The amount of water added to the water tank is a one-off brewing amount.


User-friendly and Easy to Maintain

User-friendly Design

Compact and simple, yet stylish. The large, easy-to-read touch-screen makes operating simple.

Snow 1

Large bean container prevents spillage

Snow 2

Easy-to-read LCD screen makes operating simple

Snow 3

Easy to hold coffee jug

Easy to Clean

Anti-Spill Design

After brewing, the coffee automatically stops dripping when the jug is removed. Say goodbye to a soiled table.


Removable Parts

The bean container, water tank, and filter are all removable and easy to clean. The machine can be used hygienically every day.


Grinding tray


Bean container




Water tank

Built-In Cleaning Mode

The automatic cleaning mode cleans the pipeline and powder port inside the machine.


Coffee Maker
Kitchen Small Appliance
Coffee Maker
Power Consumption750W
CapacityMax. 6 Cups Capacity
Weight (approx.)4.3kg
Dimensions (H X W X D)42.0 X 16.1 X 28.4 cm
Length of power cord1.1m


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