Induction Heating Warm Jar (1.8L)


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Suggested Retail Price HK$2,398

  • Capacity: 1.8 Litres / (1-10 cups) 1,300W
  • Advanced Induction Heating, Rice Can Be Heated More Thoroughly
  • Rice Washable Charcoal Coated Pan With Dimpled
  • Capacity: 1.8 Litres / (1-10 cups) 1,300W
  • Advanced Induction Heating to case the inner pan to produce heat, Rice Can Be Heated More Thoroughly
  • Thick, Dimpled Surface, Charcoal Coated, Far-Infrared Heating Inner Pan
  • Rice Washable in inner pan
  • Micom Smart Cake Baking
  • Washable and Detachable Inner Lid, Easy to Clean
  • Fuzzy Control For Cooking Rice, Brown Rice, Sushi, Congee & Casserole Rice
  • Large LCD Display
  • Quick Cook Function
  • Taste Catcher
  • 24-Hr Preset Timer
  • Keep Warm Up To 12 Hrs
  • Even only one cup of rice can be cooked delicious
  • Steaming Basket Included
  • Colour: White
  • Made in Japan

Induction Heating Warm Jar (1.8L)
Rice Cooker
Capacity1.8 Litres / (1-10 cups)
IH HeatingO
Fuzzy LogicO
Smart CapTaste Catcher
Pre-set TimerAdjustment by 10 mins, 13-Hour Pre-set Timer (24-Hour Timer)
Quick CookO
Charcoal Coated Inner PanO
Inner PanDimpled Surface Thick Pan
Inner LidDetachable
LCD DisplayO
Clean Function---
Beeper Rings after Cooking FinishedO
Power Consumption
Rice Cooking1,300W
Keep Warm28W
Taste Recipes
White RiceO
Casserole RiceO
Sushi RiceO
Mixed RiceO
Brown RiceO
Congee (Porridge)O
Slow Cook---
Cooking Timer
Congee Cooking Timer60-240Mins
Steam Cooking Timer1-60Mins
Slow Cook Timer---
Keep Warm
Time12 Hours
Display Keep Warm TimeO
Steaming BasketO
Rice Scoop Holder---
Rice ScoopO
Measuring CupO