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Tom Yum Goong Chawanmushi


Citronella 1 stalks
Galangal 2 slices
Shallots 2 pcs
Lemon Leaf 2 pcs
Red chili pepper 1/2 pcs
Parsley 2 stalks
Fish Soup 250 ml
Fish Sauce 2 tbsp
Evaporated Milk 3 tbsp
Eggs 2 pcs
Straw Mushroom 2 pcs
Shrimp 2 pcs
Lime Juice some
Salt some


  1. Remove the heads from shrimps. Cut open the shrimp with the shells and remove the intestines. Citronella cut into section, shallots and straw mushroom cut into half.

  2. Squash the citronella and galangal, boil with fish soup, shrimp head, shallots, lemon leaf, red chili pepper and parsley root with Panasonic Induction Cooker (15A) KY-E227D, select ‘Heating Level 7’.

  3. Reduce to ‘Heating Level 4’, add the shrimp cook until the color change, then peeled and seasoning with salt and lime juice.

  4. Use sieve to separate the soup, leave it for cold down.

  5. Mix the eggs with fish sauce and evaporated milk into the soup, gently stir well, sieve and equally pour into the Chawan.

  6. Use Panasonic steam oven, select ‘Auto Menu 2: Steam Egg’, after the program add in the shrimp and straw mushroom steam for 1 minute more.

  7. Decora with the parsley and chili sauce.

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