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Strawberry Tart


Sweet Pastry
Butter 150 g
Sugar 37 g
Egg yolk 2 pcs
Low Gluten Flour 225 g
Almond Cream
Butter 37 g
Lcing Sugar 25 g
Almond Powder 37 g
Eggs 45 g
Egg Yolk 1 pc
Sugar 25 g
Corn Starch 10 g
Milk 100 ml
Vanilla Extract 1 ml
Strawberry some


[Sweet Pastry]

  1. Butter stay in room temperature, use Panasonic Hand Mixer MX-SS40 beat until it become cream and soften.

  2. Add with sugar and beat until the texture become creamy white.

  3. Add the beaten egg yolk slowly into the mixture, stir continuously.

  4. Sieve in the low gluten flour, stir well with rubber spatulas until no power show.

  5. Pour out the shredded dough and combine them into one dough by hands.

  6. Use rolling pin to flatten the dough, wrapped with plastic wrap and put into the refrigerator for 45 minutes.

  7. Take out the dough to cover the tart mold, cut off the extra dough to fit the tart mold perfectly.

  8. Use Panasonic Steam Oven NU-SC100W, select ‘Convection’ and preheat until to 180C then cook for 12 minutes.

[Almond Cream]

  1. Butter stay in room temperature, use Hand Mixer beat until it become cream and soften. Mix with the lcing sugar, eggs yolk and almond cream sequence.

  2. Fill the cold sweet pastry with the almond cream.

  3. Select ‘Convection’, preheat to 170 degrees for 20-25 minutes, to solidify the almond cream.


  1. Mix the egg yolk, sugar and corn starch and stir evenly.

  2. Boil the milk and vanilla with Panasonic Induction Cooker (15A) KY-E227D extract to 60 degrees, slowly add into the egg and stir continuously.

  3. Stir until the texture become liquidly, pour it back to the pan to heat up slowly.

  4. During heating, quickly scrape the caking with bottom together with press and mix and turn off the heat. Don’t stop stirring until the custard smooth.

  5. Cold down the custard by seat with cool water and sieve.

  6. After the almond cream tart cold for a while, cover the tart with the custard.

  7. Strawberry cut half, decora on the top of the tart and serve.

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