Inverter ECONAVI Split Type Heat Pump Air-Conditioner (Indoor Unit) (2 1/2 HP)
Suggested Retail Price HK$25,000



  • 2 1/2 HP (Heat Pump Model - With Remote Control)
  • Cooling Capacity: 23,200 Btu/h
  • Heating Capacity: 29,300 Btu/h
  • Grade 1 Energy Label
  • R410A Refrigerant
  • Supported with Panasonic Comfort Cloud App(Installation of WiFi Adapter CZ-TACG1 is required)


  • 2 1/2 HP (Heat Pump Model - With Remote Control)
  • Cooling Capacity : 23,200 Btu/h
  • Heating Capacity : 29,300 Btu/h
  • Grade 1 Energy Label
  • COP : 3.27 (Cooling)
  • COP : 3.31 (Heating)
  • ECONAVI helps you save energy efficiently with uninterrupted cooling and comfort. It features Human Activity moving Sensor and Sunlight Sensor that can detect and reduce waste by optimising air conditioner operation according to room conditions
  • "Inverter" adjusts output power finely to maintain a constant temperature and save energy
  • nanoe-G Air Purifying System inactivates 99% PM2.5, airborne and adhesive micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and mould, and comes with In-filter Deactivation feature
  • Independent Operation of nanoe-G Air Purifying Function
  • AEROWINGS features twin flaps that give you more control over the direction of the airflow
  • Environmental Friendly R410A Refrigerant
  • Powerful Mode
  • Quiet Mode
  • Mild Dry Cooling
  • Anti-Corrosive Blue Fin Condenser
  • 24-Hour Dual On/Off Setting Timer
  • Dimension(H x W x D):302 x 1120 x 241mm

    CU-E24TKA (Outdoor Unit)
  • Dimension(H x W x D):795 x 875 x 320mm
  • Indoor power supply

    The above dimensions are the size of the main body. The connecting and protruding part of pipes are not included. For details, please visit "Support" to download further information.


Inverter ECONAVI Split Type Heat Pump Air-Conditioner (Indoor Unit) (2 1/2 HP)
Remote Control
Cooling Capacity
Btu/hIndoor Unit:23,200,Outdoor Unit:3,340-27,600
kWIndoor Unit:6.80,Outdoor Unit:0.98-8.10
Heating Capacity
Btu/hIndoor Unit:29,300,Outdoor Unit:3,340-33,800
kWIndoor Unit:8.60,Outdoor Unit:0.98-9.90
W/WCooling Capacity:3.27;Heating Capacity:3.31
Seasonal Performance Factor
Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF)5.2051
Power Supply
Voltage V220
Power Consumption ACooling Capacity:9.8;Heating Capacity:12.1
Input Power kWCooling Capacity(Indoor Unit):2.08,(Outdoor Unit):0.38-2.65;Heating Capacity(Indoor Unit):2.60,(Outdoor Unit):0.45-3.13
Moisture Removal
Air Circulation(Indoor / Hi)
m³/min.Cooling Capacity:20.6;Heating Capacity:20.6
ft³/min.Cooling Capacity:725;Heating Capacity:725
Indoor Unit Dimension(H x W x D)
mm302 x 1120 x 241
inch11 29/32" x 44 1/8" x 9 1/2"
Outdoor Unit Dimension(H x W x D)
mm795 x 875 x 320
inch31 5/16" x 34 15/32" x 12 5/8"
Net Weight
Indoor Unit13 kg,29 lb
Outdoor65 kg,143 lb
Piping Diameter
Liquid mm / inchψ6.35 / 1/4"
Gas mm / inchψ15.88 / 5/8"
Power SupplyIndoor
Pipe Length Range


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