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Panasonic TV Programme Channel Setting

Mar 31, 2021

According to the announcement of the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA), six Digital TV Programme Channels (Jade 81 of Television Broadcasts Limited, ViuTVsix 96 and ViuTV 99 of HK Television Entertainment Company Limited, and RTHK TV 31, RTHK TV 32 and RTHK TV 33 of Radio Television Hong Kong) will use new transmitting frequencies from 1 December 2021. The OFCA appeals to the public to make preparations for the continued reception of these TV programme channels, having regard to their antenna reception systems in use (common antenna broadcast distribution (CABD) systems or self-provided TV antennae), paying attention to notices and arrangements promulgated by their buildings and contractors, and performing rescanning where necessary.

The above six digital TV programme channels will be broadcast on bothexisting and new transmitting frequencies (digital simulcast) from 1 April to 30 November 2021. When the digital simulcast ends on 1 December, the six digital TV programme channels will be broadcast on the new transmitting frequencies only. The channel numbers of these TV programmes channels (i.e. 81, 96, 99, 31, 32, 33) will remain unchanged.

To know more about the channel setting and rescanning of Panasonic TV, please click the following picture, or call our customer hotline of Shun Hing Electric Service Centre Ltd. at 2406-5432 for enquries.