Milk Tank


Suggested Retail Price HK$428

  • Keeps milk cool
  • Applicable to Espresso Machine NC-ZA1

Applicable models:

Preparing the Cool Pack:
1. Remove the cap and rubber stopper of the cool pack

2. Fill the cool pack with water and seal with the rubber stopper. Then close the cap

3. Freeze the cool pack in the freezer

Setting up the Milk Tank:

1. Attach the milk hose to the Espresso Machine according to its operating instructions

2. Place the case to the left side of the espresso machine

3. Place the frozen cool pack onto the hook

4. Open the milk container lid and fill with milk up to the line

5. Close the milk container lid firmly and set it in the case

6. Insert the split end of the milk hose into the opening on the milk container lid until it reaches the bottom of the milk container

7. Place the milk hose onto the milk hose guide and close the milk case lid

-Cool Pack
-Milk Container

Milk Tank
Kitchen Small Appliance
Coffee Maker
Power Consumption---
Pump Pressure (bar)---
Weight (approx.)1.2 kg (Net. Weight)
Dimensions (H X W X D)26.7 X 11.2 X 17.9 cm
Length of power cord---

Coffee Maker

Milk Tank




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