Electric Or Cordless Electric Pump Thermo Pot (4.0L)


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Suggested Retail Price HK$1,598

  • Capacity: 4.0L 220V 875W
  • U-Vacua Saves Energy While Keeping Warm
  • Equipped With Spotlight To Indicate Position Of Water Output
  • Capacity : 4.0L 220V 875W
  • U-Vacua saves energy while keeping warm
  • Equipped with spotlight to indicate position of water output
  • Energy saving timer
  • 4-speed dispenser
  • Delicious and easy to clean due to diamond fluorine and BINCHO charcoal coated interior
  • Cordless electric pump (rechargeable capacitor inside)
  • Ceramic filter removes the smell of chorine, mold and trihalomethane. It also restrains minerals from adhering to the inner container, resulting in easy cleaning
  • 98/90/80°C keep warm selection
  • Over heating protection
  • Easy-to-see red floating water level indicator
  • 360° rotating body

Electric Or Cordless Electric Pump Thermo Pot (4.0L)
Thermo Pot
Power Consumption (Boiling)875W
Dimensions (H xW xD) [when the handle is tilted]33.9 X 24.7 X 34.5 cm
Weight (including power cord) (approx.)3.3kg
Rated Capacity (approx.)4.0L
Average Power Consumption (approx.)
Keep warm at 98°C19w/h
Keep warm at 90°C16w/h
Keep warm at 85°C---
Keep warm at 80°C13w/h
Keep warm at 60°C---
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