R32 Refrigerant Inverter Window Type Heat Pump Air-Conditioner (2 1/2 HP)
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Product features and advantages

  • nanoe®X Air Purifying Function (read more)
  • nanoe®X inhibiting 99.99% SARS-Cov-2(read more)
  • "Inverter" type compressor:Silent, Energy saving, Constant temperature

Panasonic Window Air Cond. Features Comparison

Product Specification

  • 2 1/2 HP (Heat Pump model)
  • Cooling/HeatingCapacity : 23,700 Btu/h
  • Annual cooling energy consumption (Based on 1,200hrs/h operation):768 kWh
  • Grade 1 Energy Label (Cooling+heating)


  • 3 years warranty: Entire unit
  • 5 years warranty: Compressor


nanoe® X is a patented ion technology developed by Panasonic. It is an electrostatic atomization technology that collects invisible moisture in the air and applies high voltage to it to produce "hydroxyl radicals contained in water". The decisive factor is the existence of hydroxyl radicals inside nanoe®X. Hydroxyl radicals are characterized by being strongly oxidative and highly reactive to inhibit a wide variety of air-pollutants, associated with the effect of skin and hair motorization, which provides the best quality of air to your family.

7 Effects

R32 Refrigerant
  • High Cooling Capacity
  • High Efficiency
  • Eco
Benefits of R32 Refrigerant

【High Cooling Capacity】

QWhy does R32 refrigerant have a higher cooling capacity than R410A refrigerant?

AThe cooling capacity of R32 refrigerant is 230-790BTU/h* higher than that of R410A refrigerant, which leads to a relatively low temperature of air entering the room for instant cooling.

*Depends on the horse power of window type air conditioner

【High Efficiency】

QHow does R32 refrigerant enhance the efficiency of the air-con?

AThe heat exchange of R32 refrigerant is rather high that it removes more heat energy from the warm air in the room than R410A refrigerant . A cool environment can be created by a small amount of R32 refrigerant.

When the warm air is sucked into the air-con, the heat energy is absorbed by the refrigerant, which flows over the refrigerant pipe next to the evaporator. Thus, the air returned to the room is being cooled down.


QWhy is R32 refrigerant a more eco option?

AOwing to the short atmospheric lifetime and low infrared radiation/heat absorption of R32 refrigerant, the use of R32 refrigerant highly alleviates the problem of global warming.

The Ozone Depletion Potential* of R32 refrigerant is 675, which is 67% less than R410A refrigerant.

*Ozone Depletion Potential indicates the lifetime and infrared radiation / heat absorption of chemical compounds. Lower the ozone depletion potential, less impact of global warming. Some of the sunlight are reflected to the sun, while some of them are absorbed by the atmosphere
The atmosphere surrounds the Earth, like a quilt, which traps the heat pump and increases the Earth temperature. The increase of greenhouse gas, additionally, creates heat energy to the Earth, leading to global warming.
"Inverter" type Compressor

QHow does the inverter type compressor reduce the energy consumption?

AOnce the indoor temperature reaches the set temperature, the speed of the inverter type compressor varies, instead of being fixed as either on or off, according to temperature changes with the aim of minimizing the temperature fluctuations and energy consumption.


QHow to choose between the Air-cons with energy label grade 1?

AThe Panasonic inverter type heat pump air-con achieves energy label grade 1, in terms of cooling and heating, which saves 35%* less electricity consumption than other air-con achieves energy label grade 1. The Panasonic inverter type heat pump air-con, undoubtedly, is your best option.

【Anti-epidemic New Life of Panasonic nanoe® X Air-Conditioner】


R32 Refrigerant Inverter Window Type Heat Pump Air-Conditioner (2 1/2 HP)
Remote Control
Air-purifying System nanoeX
Cooling Capacity
Heating Capacity
Seasonal Performance Factor
Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF)4.5727
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF)3.9445
Power Supply
Voltage V220
Power Consumption ACooling:10.8 / Heating:11.2
Input Power kWCooling: 2.250 / Heating: 2.350
Power PlugWithout plug
Moisture Removal
Air Circulation(Indoor / Hi)
m³/min.Indoor:15.3 Outdoor:31.0
Dimension(H x W x D)
mm428 x 660 x 800
Net Weight63kg


Is there anything other than the height and width of the desired installation site, i.e., the window, that I should pay attention to when installing an inverter window-type air-conditioner?


There is one more thing worth noticing that is to ensure that the installation site has sufficient space for cooling. It is because insufficient cooling space will result in poor indoor cooling performance and even overheating, causing machine malfunctions.


Please allow for a distance of no less than 1m behind outlets at the back of the air-conditioner and a distance of no less than 15cm at both sides (inlets) of the air-conditioner.

Air-Conditioner Q9
Do I need to pay attention to the distance of returning air when installing a window air conditioner?


Please ensure that there is no obstruction near the air outlets, as obstructions will cause freshly blown air to be sucked back into the return air outlets, making the temperature sensor mistakenly suppose that the room temperature has reached the set temperature and stop the compressor. However, the compressor will start again when the room temperature changes, resulting in repeated starting noises.


Remove the obstruction.

While nanoeX is operated, the air-con makes little noise, sound like “gi-gi-gi”, is it in abnormal operation?


While nanoeX is operated, the nanoeX generator makes little noises as it produces nano-ions. If you would like to switch off the nanoeX function, you can press the nanoeX button of the remote control.


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