Ceramic Soleplate Cordless Steam Iron (1900W)


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  • 1,900W (220-240V)
  • Steam / Spray Mist / Jet-of Steam (Self-Cleaning) / Vertical Steam [53g/min]
  • Patented 360° Quick Design Soleplate
  • Ceramic soleplate with longer durability
  • 1,900W (220-240V)
  • Steam / Spray Mist / Jet-of Steam (Self-Cleaning) / Vertical Steam [53g/min]
  • Patented 360° Quick Design Soleplate
  • Ceramic soleplate with longer durability
  • Curved soleplate for less snagging
  • Widened soleplate for larger ironing area
  • Detachable 160 ml water tank
  • Anti-Drip and Anti-Calcium System
  • Auto Shut-Off System
  • 20°C-tilted power base for easy holding up and putting back the iron
  • With Transparent Storage Case
  • Colour: Gold
  • Country of origin : China



  • 1900W (240V)
  • Cordless
  • 360° soleplate
  • Vertical steam shot
  • 160ml detachable water tank
  • Anti-calc
  • Anti-drip
  • Auto-off

Smooth Out Wrinkles with CORDLESS

Quick and stress-free ironing without tangling cord.


Soleplate Improved for More Smoothness

The 360° soleplate has a sharp precision tip at both ends for detailed work, and it gets wider compared to previous model for larger ironing space. *1 Adding to that, heat reserving skill is increased by 50%*2 for the larger volume of metal.

*1 NI-WL60
*2 Compared to the NI-WL60


Comfortable Glide in All Directions

It is designed symmetrically and its gripping position is at the center of gravity, which provides fine weight balance for smooth glide.


Remove Tough Wrinkles with the Powerful Steam

You can fresh clothes on a hanger because it can shoot steam vertically as well.


Easy and Quick Set-up

Just bring the detachable water tank to a sink, instead of the entire iron. The water tank capacity is 160ml, a 40ml increase from the previous model.*

* Compared to the NI-WL60


No Waiting until It Cools Down

Immediately after ironing, you can put it in a closet thanks to the carrying case.


No Need for Special Maintenance

The anti-calc capsule in the water tank automatically prevents lime-scaling, which preserves steam for a long-time.


Designed for Safety and Stability

For your peace of mind, it rests stably on the power base with the soleplate fully covered, which reduces the risk of burning your finger or falling off the board.


Water leakage is prevented by halting the water supply in case the temperature of the soleplate drops to a certain level.

Auto shut-off

Even if you forget to turn off the iron, it will automatically shut-off in ten minutes.

Spray function

Removes stubborn wrinkles.

Ceramic Soleplate Cordless Steam Iron (1900W)
Electric Iron
Type360° Quick
Power (W)1,900W
Soleplate TypeCeramic soleplate
Adjustable SteamO
Spray MistO
Power Shot /Jet-of-SteamO
Self Cleaning SystemO
Auto Anti-CalcO
Vertical Steam Shot53g/min
Detachable Water TankO
Anti-Drip SystemO
Auto Shut-off SystemO
Electronic Temperature ControlO
Storage CaseO
Watertank Capacity (ml)160
Weight (kg)1.9


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