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65 inch 4K MINI LED Smart TV
Suggested Retail Price HK$23,900



Brand New Series, Hollywood Quality, 5-year warranty!

Stunning Picture Quality

  • 4K Ultra HD MINI LED - extreme contrast control, delicate imaging
  • HCX PRO AI processor - Picture calibrated by famous Hollywood colorists, colors are true to life
  • Exclusive Double-Control Backlight Technology + 50,000 Division - Reduce Halo Effect, enhance Image Sharpness"
  • MINI LED + Quantum Dot sheet - Significantly enhanced luminous flux, elevating color saturation
  • 4K Fine Remaster - Uses the latest AI technology to upscale TV images to 4K resolution^
  • Supports Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+ Adaptive, HDR10, HLG, HLG Photo, Flimmaker Mode

Pleasing Sound

  • Top Hollywood theater configuration - Dolby Atmos+Theater Surround Sound Pro
  • 50W speakers( 2ch+Mono Woofer), experiencing the elegance of sound

Gaming Technology - Game Mode Extreme

  • Can freely switch between 60Hz-120Hz screen refresh rate, significantly reducing screen latency
  • Exclusive HDMI technology - TV can automatically turn on/off together with connected devices*
  • Low latency mode - Speeds up gamepad button response by 50%
  • Supports Nvida G-SYNC, AMD FreeSync Premium, ALLM, HDMI2.1VRR, HFR, Dolby Vision Gaming


  • Smart TV with easier content access by customisable My Home Screen 8.0
  • Simultaneously display the content of Youtube, Netflix and other applications in iOS and Android devices on the TV
  • Voice Search Remote
  • USB Playback - Video, Photos and Music
  • Wall Mount: WMTV18 (Fixed) / North Bayou - NBP6 (Swivel)
  • Safety Tips for TV Sets: https://www.emsd.gov.hk/filemanager/tc/content_442/Poster_TV.pdf

*only available on non-CEC compatible devices

^Varies depending on video resolution


Outstanding picture and sound quality

Introducing the brand-new Mini LED TV, featuring Quantum Dot Sheet and Panasonic's latest cutting-edge Ultimate Local Dimming technology. Witness a brighter, wider color gamut, more astonishingly contrasted picture that brings your content to life. Experience picture quality that comparable to high-end OLED televisions, setting new standards in visual excellence!

Experience the pinnacle of visual perfection with Panasonic's Local Dimming Ultra Technology.

Introducing Panasonic's Local Dimming Ultra technology - a game-changer in picture quality. With a remarkable 50,000 divisions, it takes screen illumination to a whole new level. But that's not all. Our advanced signal analysis and precise brightness adjustment for each divided backlight block unlock unprecedented visual excellence. By delving into the finer details of image information and expertly controlling the Mini LED on/off, we elevate contrast, sharpness, and brightness to levels that rival even the most stunning OLED TVs.

Enhanced Color Accuracy and Gamut

A high-quality television must possess accurate color signal reproduction and wide color display capabilities. Panasonic Mini LED TVs excel in both of these aspects. In terms of signal reproduction, Panasonic Mini LED TVs utilize a professional color management system called 3D LUTs, providing precise color reproduction and accurately restoring shadow and highlight details that are often challenging for regular TVs to replicate. In terms of color display capabilities, Panasonic Mini LED TVs incorporate quantum dot film, greatly expanding the color gamut that the TV can display, ensuring accurate representation of color signals. Experience unparalleled color accuracy and vibrant visuals with Panasonic Mini LED TVs.

4K Fine Remaster

Our base algorithm called “4K Fine Remaster” detects resolution and random noise to deliver more detailed and clear images through advanced processing. 4K Fine Remaster algorithm analyses textures by area and noise variance and divide them into three parts, which is flat plane, edge, and texture. Each part is then optimally compensated and upscale contents which close to 4K resolution.

Filmmaker Mode

Filmmaker Mode is a technology developed by an alliance of electronics companies and top filmmakers worldwide, designed to present video content with its intended settings. With Panasonic's exclusive intelligent sensing function, it automatically adjusts the image to achieve the ideal viewing experience, delivering the filmmaker's creative intent in any viewing environment.

Auto AI-Advanced Smart Audio-Visual Adjustment

Emulating the Brain's Operation Mode, our AI-powered intelligent algorithm utilizes efficient calculations to automatically detect various scenes on the screen, such as sports, live music, movies, and more. It then seamlessly adjusts to the optimal audio-visual mode. Lately, we have introduced an exciting new feature: automatic sound adjustment. Experience the next level of audio-visual perfection as our system intuitively adapts to deliver an immersive and tailored entertainment experience.

Impeccable Top-tier Game Mode

Game Mode Extreme - Tailor-made for gamers

Game Mode Extreme means our new 4K OLED TV is ready for action. While support HDMI 2.1 with High Frame Rates (HFR), Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and AMD FreeSyncTM Premium for new levels of realism, demanded by the latest gaming devices. Moreover, this mode can reduce gaming latency. Users can play it without stress even in games that require quick response such as action games.

Realistic Game Mode

As gaming content becomes more cinematic than ever, ensuring that each game is presented with optimal visual effects is crucial. Introducing the all-new "Realistic Game" mode, which applies the color standards of the film industry to the gaming realm. Leveraging Portrait Displays' Calman® Color calibration software, the Realistic Game mode processes game visuals to faithfully convey the game creators' intentions. Experience gaming like never before with lifelike visuals and immersive realism.

Game Control Board

The Game Control Board is a game settings display that provides on-screen access to game-related configuration menus, making game setup easier and more intuitive. Additionally, it can be assigned to the My App button for quick and convenient access to game settings, delivering a tailored and incredibly smooth gaming experience like no other.

Gaming Sound Mode

The new Gaming Sound Mode allows users to fully immerse themselves in the game environment. With two modes tailored to different game genres, it creates a more thrilling, intense, and realistic gaming experience.

RPG mode
In RPG (Role-Playing Game) mode, surround sound is enhanced while keeping character voices clear, ensuring players are fully immersed in the game world without missing any part of the story.

FPS mode
In FPS (First Person Shooting) mode, precise audio positioning is provided, allowing users to hear subtle sounds such as footsteps on different textured surfaces, giving players a competitive edge in first-person shooter games. Experience gaming like never before with the enhanced audio capabilities of our Gaming Sound Mode.

HDMI Signal Power Link

With Panasonic's original technology, our TV can be automatically turned on/off, even when connected to non-CEC compatible devices. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually powering on/off when connecting to game consoles or non-CEC device. Our innovative feature saves you time and effort, providing seamless convenience in your entertainment setup.



65 inch 4K MINI LED Smart TV
General Specifications
TV TunerAnalogue / Digital
Signal processorHCX Pro AI Processor
Type of Panel4K Mini-LED / ULTRA HD
Multi HDR SupportHDR10+ Adaptive / HDR10 / HLG / Dolby Vision IQ / HLG Photo
isf ModeYes
Resolution3,840 x 2,160
Screen Size65"
SoundTheater Surround
Dolby AtomsYes
Speakers50 W (15 W x 2 + 20 W) 2ch + Mono Woofer
HDMI InputHDMI2.1 Support Feature / eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) / ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) / VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) / 4K HFR (High Frame Rate) / AMD Freesync Premium / SPD Auto Game Mode
Other terminals
Other terminalsDigital Audio Output (Optical) / Headphone Output
USB 2.03 (2 side, 1 rear; USB 3.0 x 1, USB 2.0 x 2)
Network ConnectionWirelessWireless Lan Built-in
Swipe and ShareYes
Home NetworkY (Server / Client)
Web BrowserYes
MirroringEasy Mirroring
Hotel ModeYes
Panasonic TV Remote AppsYes
BluetoothHID / HOGP (Keyboard / Mouse) A2DP (Stereo Audio: In Single / Out Dual)
Other Features
Media PlayerMedia PlayerSupported
Supported FormatAVI / HEVC / MKV / WMV / MP4 / M4v / FLV / 3GPP / VRO / VOB / TS / PS / AV1 / MP3 / AAC / WMA Pro / FLAC / Apple Lossless / WAV / JPEG / HLG Photo
Energy Efficiency2
WeightWithout stand24.0kg
With stand25kg
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D
Without stand1,448 x 833 x 71 mm
With stand1,448 x 903 x 318 mm
Easy Operation
Easy Operationmy Home Screen 8.0
Voice GuidanceY
my Home Screen8.0


How to search for the analogue TV signal?
How to solve the issue of having no sound when using HDMI devices?

The default picture mode of all HDMI devices are Mode 1 which is the highest scale of picture and sound mode.

The compatibility of Mode 1 would be comparatively lower against Mode 2 and Mode 3. If users encounter the issue of having no sound when using HDMI devices, please follow the instructions below to solve the problem.

1. Enter "Setup" under "Main Menu"

2. Select "HDMI Auto Setting".

3. Select the HDMI input port that encounter the issue.

4. Adjust it to Mode 2.

How to minimize the image retention on panel?

Image retention on screen is not considered as malfunction when any still parts of the image have been displayed for a long period.

Please perform the pre-installed panel maintenance function in a regular basis to prevent image retention (please refer to the product manual for details).


User Manual - TH-65MX950H Operating Instructions


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