Electric Or Cordless Electric Pump Thermo Pot (4.0L)
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  • Capacity: 4.0L 220V 875W
  • U-Vacua Saves Energy While Keeping Warm
  • Equipped With Spotlight To Indicate Position Of Water Output


  • Capacity : 4.0L 220V 875W
  • U-Vacua saves energy while keeping warm
  • Equipped with spotlight to indicate position of water output
  • Energy saving timer
  • 4-speed dispenser
  • Delicious and easy to clean due to diamond fluorine and BINCHO charcoal coated interior
  • Cordless electric pump (rechargeable capacitor inside)
  • Ceramic filter removes the smell of chorine, mold and trihalomethane. It also restrains minerals from adhering to the inner container, resulting in easy cleaning
  • 98/90/80°C keep warm selection
  • Over heating protection
  • Easy-to-see red floating water level indicator
  • 360° rotating body


Electric Or Cordless Electric Pump Thermo Pot (4.0L)
Thermo Pot
Power Consumption (Boiling)875W
Dimensions (H xW xD) [when the handle is tilted]33.9 X 24.7 X 34.5 cm
Weight (including power cord) (approx.)3.3kg
Rated Capacity (approx.)4.0L
Average Power Consumption (approx.)
Keep warm at 98°C19w/h
Keep warm at 90°C16w/h
Keep warm at 85°C---
Keep warm at 80°C13w/h
Keep warm at 60°C---


What if the white powder or sediment found at Thermo Pot?

The white power or sediment is minerals crystal from the water. It is a natural substance and harmless to the human body.
Cleaning process:
1. Put citric acid in the inner bottle
2. Add clean water to the maximum water level mark, and mix citric acid and water well
3. Choose “Cleaning” mode in "Select", the thermo pot will start cleaning
4. After cleaning, unplug the plug and remove the lid, and drain away the hot water
5. Refill with water and boil it to remove the smell of citric acid
6. After draining the water, reuse the thermo pot to boil drinking water


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