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Commercial IH Rice Cooker
Suggested Retail Price HK$15,800

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  • Inner pan capacity: 15 Litre
  • Excellent speedy cooking
  • 4,570W rate power

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  • 30 minutes high speed cooking time for 5.4 Litre white rice (under Quick Mode)
  • * Normally, 5.4 liters of rice cook for about 50 minutes
  • 3 level IH Heating adjustment
  • Optional of different kinds of rice for cooking
  • Highly insulated inner pan coated with diamond powder
  • Programmable temperature control
  • 13-hours pre-set timer
  • IH coil with pure copper material, three-dimensional close, safe and reliable
  • Effectively prevent electromagnetic leakage, durable and safe


  • This model does not require industrial three-phase electric power. Since the power is 4,570W, so its original plug is 3-core 32A (refer to attached photo).


Commercial IH Rice Cooker
Rice Cooker
Capacity15 Litres
Power Supply220V ~ 50Hz (20AMP)
Rate Power4,570 W
Rice / Congee Capacity
White Rice1.8-5.4L [1.5-4.5kg]
Mixed Rice1.8-3.6L [1.5-3kg]
Sushi Rice1.8-5.4L [1.5-4.5kg]
Wash-free Rice1.8-5.4L [1.5-4.5kg]
Brown Rice1.8-3.6L [1.5-3kg]
Quick Cook1.8-5.4L [1.5-4.5kg]
Creamy Congee0.7-1.5L [0.58-1.25kg]
Congee0.5-0.9L [0.42-0.75kg]
Wire Length (Approx.) 1.5 m
Weight (Approx.)16.2kg
Dimension (W x D x H)502 x 429 x 410 (817*) mm
Remarks- (*) Height when the cover is opening. - When the product is "Power Off", power consumption is 3W.


Product Catalogue - SR-PGC54LSD


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