Schedule a Weekly Timer with nanoe® X

The Weekly Timer automatically programs your air conditioner's operations based on pre-set conditions to conveniently complement your daily routines

Step 1

Select "Weekly Timer"

Step 2

Toggle the button of the air conditioner you want to activate

Step 3

Select your preferred room and
tap the ""

Step 4

Tap"("or")"to select days of the week

Step 5

Select the day of the week and tap "" to create timer

Step 6

Screll up or down to select your preferred time

Step 7

Tap the hightlighted region to select a different operation mode

Step 8

Select ""

Step 9

Tap "Confirm" to confirm your mode

Step 10

Tap "Apply",Now nanoe® X with fan mode is on

Step 11

Select "Cool"

Step 12

Tap "Confirm" to confirm your mode

Step 13

Tap "Apply"

Step 14

The One-touch nanoe® X button will light up when air conditioner is switched ON in Cool Mode