Tumbler Blender


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Suggested Retail Price HK$548

  • 450W (Maximum motor locked wattage)
  • Capacity: 400ml
  • Include two BPA-Free tumblers
  • Tumbler lid for easy carriage
  • 450W (Maximum motor locked wattage)
  • Capacity: 400ml
  • Include two BPA-Free tumblers
  • Sharp and durable sawtooth blade enables ice crush, vegetable blending and fruit blending
  • Tumbler lid for easy carriage
  • Protection device is activated when motor overloading occurs
  • Colour: White
  • Made in China

Enjoy Blended Drinks On-The-Go Every Day

Easy to Carry, Lightweight Tumbler

After making smoothies, you can store them in the tumbler with the lid on or take them straight away on the go.

Lightweight & BPA free tumbler.

Can be carried in a bag.

Drink directly from the tumbler.

*When using a lid with a cap, do not turn it upside down or tilt it to prevent the contents from spilling out of the drinking spout.

For a Healthy Daily Smoothie Habit

It's designed to fit anywhere in the house. Nutritious smoothies can be easily prepared daily, helping you improve unbalanced diets.


Ice Crushing with Ease

High Cutting Performance

The unique blades can even cut hard foodstuffs, you can make smoothies with nuts, ice or other hard ingredients.

Sawtooth Blades and Unique Tumblers for Effective Food Circulation

It can even catch fine food fibres and blend thoroughly.

Sawtooth blades with high cutting performance.

The four ribs catch the ingredients, making them easier to cut.


Quick & Easy to Use

Easy Operation and Stress-Free Cleaning

Easy blending with the simple one-speed function.

Rated time: Repeat the cycle of 3 min ON and then 1 min OFF

Dishwasher-safe for stress-free cleaning.

*Tumbler and lid are dishwasher safe. Remove gaskets from the lid.

Simple and Safe Design

Tumbler Blender
Blender / Juicer / Food Processor
Power Supply310W
Operation Rating1-speed Control
Blender Container400ml Plastic Container
Dimensions (HxWxD)32.2 x 12.0 x 12.0cm
Weight (Approx.)1.1kg


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