Wearable Gaming Speaker
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  • True MAGESS (True Majestic Augmented Gaming Environment Sound System) with 4ch surround speakers
  • Equipped with 3 gaming sound modes (Role-Playing Games Mode, First-Person Shooter Mode, and Voice Mode(Suitable for adventure game) jointly developed with FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online sound team fromSQAURE ENIX®
  • Comfortable design fits your shoulders, and comfortable play for a long time
  • Compatible for PC (Windows 10), PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Xbox Series S/X*, and Ninetendo Switch*
  • Noise and echo cancelling dual microphone, users can enjoy playing with your friends with the voice chat function
  • Operated easily while gaming: Two mute buttons let you control microphone and videogame

*For connecting Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch (Tabletop/Handheld mode), an audio cable is required


Immersive Surround Sound Experience

Thanks to 4 speakers located in an ergonomic ideal position, you can benefit from a realistic sound experience. The sound will come from all directions so you can immerse yourself into the game and be part of it.


Comfortable Even for Long Hours of Play

Design that fits your shoulders comfortably, and allows you to play for a long time because it does not block your ears.


Great Sound, Whatever the Style of Play

3 gaming modes (Role-Playing Game Mode, First-Person Shooter Mode and Voice Mode(Suitable for adventure game)) are expertly created through joint development with the FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online sound team, allowing users to fully enjoy the gameplay. Switching between the 3 modes depending on the game will create an experience filled with intensity, tension and reality.


Clear Voice Communication for Gaming

For voice duties, the GN01 is equipped with a high-performance noise and echo cancelling dual microphone. This allows you to chat clearly with other players without interference from the powerful sound of the speakers.


Fast Response Time With No Delay

As a gamer you want a fast response, so you will appreciate the 3m long USB cable that transmits the sound signals without any delay. Many game consoles enable connections with a single USB cable, just be sure to check the instruction manual of your gaming device.


Easy and Convenient Operation

The GN01 can be operated easily while gaming: Two mute buttons let you control microphone and videogame. Wired connection is offered as USB and AUX option.



Wearable Gaming Speaker
General Specifications
Gaming Speaker
AmplifierOutput PowerTotal RMS Output Power: 4W (1kHz, T.H.D.10.0%, 6Ω, 20kHz LPF)*¹
Speaker SystemSpeaker Unit3.0 cm Cone type x 4 (Front L/R, Surround L/R)
Sound FunctionSurroundY
Sound ModeGAME (RPG/ FPS/ Voice)
SwitchesMic Mute x1 (Tact Switch)
Sound Mute x1 (Tact Switch)
Volume control Up / Down x2 (Tact Switch)
Sound Mode x1 (Tact Switch)
LPCMUSB: Multi Channel Input (PC only)
MicrophoneMicrophone unitsMEMS type 2 pcs
Terminal*²USB PortUSB plug: USB Type A
AUXAudio input/output: 3.5㎜ mini jack CTIA compliant*³
Compatible equipment*⁴Connection with USB cable: PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch (TV mode)
Connection with Audio cable*⁵: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch (Tabletop/ Handheld mode)
PC compatible OS*⁶: Windows10
GeneralPower Supply (USB cable)DC 5V 900 mA
DisplayLED indicator: Mic Mute (Red)
Power ConsumptionApprox. 4.5 W
Supplied AccessoryApprox. 1.5m Audio cable
Dimensions, WeightMain UnitLength of USB cable: Approx. 3m
Dimensions (W x H x D): Approx. 240 x 46 x 209mm
Weight: Approx. 244g*⁷
Remarks*1 When the power supply capacity of the USB port of the connected device is 5 V 900 mA. At 5V 500 mA, the volume will be low.
*2 When connecting the headset terminal of the connected device to the audio cable (included), connect the USB cable to the USB port of the connected device or the USB power supply (sold separately), Use a USB power supply (sold separately) equivalent to 5 V 900 mA.
*3 We do not quarantee the operation of audio output and microphone input of all devices equipped with a headset terminal compatible with 3.5 mm mini jack.
*4 Be sure to check the instruction manual of each compatible device before using it by connecting it. *5 Please use by connecting the USB plug to the USB port or USB power supply (sold separately).
*6 We do not quarantee the operation of all PCs equipped with a compatible OS.
*7 Not include Cable and USB plug


- Download the latest firmware


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