Ionity Hair Dryer
Suggested Retail Price HK$548

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  • 2,300W* super fast dry
  • Heat protection mode, dries your hair comfortably and prevents hair from overheating
  • Build-in new air boost nozzle, increases drying speed with high air pressure


  • 2,300W*
  • Heat protection mode, provides constant and warm temperature to protect hair and scalp from overheating
  • New air boost nozzle, which makes drying hair faster. High air pressure and squeezed strong airflow to blow off water droplets on hair
  • External ion outlet generates negative ions which help retain moisture from heat and make hair smoother
  • 2x more ions coat the hair surface and reduce static electricity
  • 3 heat and 2 speed selection allows flexibility for drying and styling
  • Independent cool-shot selection helps fix and hold the hair style
  • Attachment: Concentrator nozzle, increases drying speed
  • Automatic overheating protective device
  • AC 220~240V / 1,900~2,300W (*Outputs vary with the Voltage)
  • Colour: Black
  • Country of origin: Thailand

Super Fast Dry

with 2,500W* drying power

*Compared with a 2500W Panasonic EH-NE82/EH-NE84.
*Dries the same amount of water as a 2500W Panasonic hair dryer in an IEC-standard drying performance comparison test.

The Secret to Super Fast Dry:

Upgrade to a new air boost nozzle


Heat protection mode prevents overheating

Your hair will be dried gently. It dries your hair comfortably, preventing hair from overheating.

Ion conditioning with moisture retaining design
2x more ions coat the hair surface and reduce static electricity

1. Smoothen hair

Ions smoothen hair

Coats the hair surface with ions.

2. Prevent static

Ions neutralize a positive electrical charge

Hair naturally tends to carry a positive electrical charge, which makes it stand on end. Ions neutralize the charge, reducing static electricity to calm down your hair and make it smooth.

Easy-clean filter

Dust-resistant design for hassle-free hair drying. Keep hair and dust out with our hair dryer's front and back protection. Easy cleanup with a tissue.


Choose from 6 different temperature and airflow settings effortlessly with our hair dryer's 3 temperature options and 2 airflow modes.

Cool shot

The cool-shot button generates a cool airflow with just one push. Use it to lock in your desired look with a cold burst of air.

* Air temperature of cool shot is close to room temperature.


Ionity Hair Dryer
Beauty & Grooming
Hair Care Product
Hair Dryer
Ionity ModelYes
Independent Ion outletYes
Silent DesignNo
Ionity control switchNo
Power consumption2,300W
Cool ShotYes
Cool AirYes
Hot / Speed settings3 heat & 2 speed selection
Foldable handleNo
PowerAC 220~240V
Retail Price (HK$)548


What factors will cause the shape distortion of hair dryer’s outer shell?

Using the hair dryer in an enclosed environment e.g. drying shoes and clothes etc. will potentially lead to the distortion of its outer shell.

Please only use for drying or styling human hair.


Operating Instructions


Warranty registration is not required for this product. Customers must retain the “Product Warranty Card” and the original of purchase invoice for verification when repair service is required.