Silky Fine Mist


  • Silky Fine Mist is a misting system that can spray mist as small as 6μm
  • The mist evaporates that takes heat from the air and skin surface.
  • It makes one feel cooler about 4°C (SET*) down at a distance of approximately 60cm.


Silky Fine Mist
Outdoor Green Air Con
ModelAE-GNE012 (Wide angle nozzle)
AE-GNG012 (Narrow angle nozzle)
Recommended usageAE-GNG012 - Outdoor cooling ml/min
AE-GNE012 - Staging effect and Humidification
Reachable distanceAE-GNG012 - 1.6M
AE-GNE012 - 1.3M
Spray angleAE-GNG012 - 50°
AE-GNE012 - 90°
Spray volume25ml/min
SizeW900×D500×H957.5mm (Control box)
WeightApprox. 190kg (Control box)
Power consumptionSingle phase 220V/50Hz, 2.1kW
Number of nozzles1 set=6 - 15 nozzles
Spray volumeApprox. 100 to 450 ml/min
Mist particle sizeApprox. 6~10μm in average
Height between floor and nozzlesLess than 3M
Distance between control box and 1st nozzleLess than 25M
Distance between 1st and last nozzleLess than 25M
Noise56dB (Control box)
Outdoor operation〇 (Waterproof of control box: IPX4)
Running operationOperation by control button or time switch
Mist volume control7 steps by manual switch or external signal


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