"Ultra Slim-type" Front Loading Washing Machine (6kg, 1000 rpm)(Free standard installation)
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  • Washing Capacity:6kg
  • Spin Speed: max. 1,000(rpm)
  • 33cm wide door opening, easy to load and unload clothes
  • Safe two-layer door prevent from injury caused by hot surface of glass door during high temperature washing


  • Washing Capacity : 6kg
  • Spin speed: max. 1,000(rpm)
  • Fully automatic washing machine with 12 Programs to choose
  • (i)Cold wash (ii)Night wash (iii)Sauce (iv) Deo.stains (v)Bedding (vi) Easy-care (vii) Rapid 15 (viii)Cuff Grime (ix)Wool (x) Cotton (xi) Cotton+Prewash (xii) Cotton-Eco
  • 33cm wide door opening, easy to load and unload clothes
  • Safe two-layer door, prevent from injury caused by hot surface door during high temperature washing
  • Water temperature from cold water to 90℃
  • Child lock
  • Grade 1 Energy Efficiency Label
  • Grade 1 Water Efficiency Label
  • Build under design
  • Drain pump
  • Body Dimension : W597 x D436 x H845(mm)
  • Depth (Including Door, Button and Water Supply/Drain Hose) : 450 mm
  • Height with slim top plate : 835 (mm)
  • 2 year warranty
  • Country of origin : Turkey
  • Safety Tips for Washing Machine:


"Ultra Slim-type" Front Loading Washing Machine (6kg, 1000 rpm)(Free standard installation)
Washing Machine
Series「Ultra Slim-type」Front Loading Washer
Washing Capacity (kg)6
Drying Capacity (kg)-
Dimension (W x D x H) mm597 x 436 x 845
Washable No.of Dress / Shirt (pcs)-
Washing Program12
Water Temperature (°C)Cold 30 / 40 / 60 / 90
Water Consumption (Normal Course) (L)63L
Spin Speed (with Clothes) (rpm)1,000
Tub MaterialStainless Steel
Super Cleaning Feature-
Auto Tub Cleaning-
Programmable Timerv
Child Lockv
LED Displayv
Drain Pumpv
Body ColorWhite
LCD Display-
LID Color-
Air dry course-
3D Sensor-
HydroActive + Shower-
Eco/Speed Mode-
Stain Solution-
Water Level
Range (L)-


Why is there water residue inside the detergent case?

During the washing cycle, water will be injected into the detergent case, washing the detergent/softener down into the drum. It is normal for some water residue left in the detergent case.

Why is the remaining washing time constantly changing?

The displayed remaining time is estimated and corrected continually. It is just for reference and subject to change.

During spin-dry, why does the drum stop and rotate several times?

The appliance has detected that the load is not balanced and is trying to re-distribute the clothes inside the drum to correct it. It is normal. If the laundry is too light, the spin process may repeatedly start and stop. Please add one to two bath towels to increase the load.

How to remove the odor inside the drum?

It is recommended to keep the door open after each use, so as to air-dry the remaining moisture insdie the drum. If odor is found continuously, it is suggested to run "Tub Clean" programme with drum cleaning detergent at least once a month for smell reduction.

Why are the buttons not working?

While washing is in progress or the child lock is activated, the settings cannot be changed. If it is necessary to change the settings, please turn off the appliance, wait for about 10 seconds and turn on the appliance again to re-select the programme.

What is the lifespan of Ag ion device? Do I need to replace it?

The “Blue Ag+” works for about three years if used twice a week with normal water conditions (water hardness, water amount and temperature). You can still use the washing machine after the Ag+ part’s service life, but no longer sterilising effect. Please contact our service centre for replacement.

Can I adjust the time of clothes drying programme for washer dryer?

The default programme time cannot be changed. However, there are 4 different drying levels for selection. Customers could choose based on the desired drying time.

If there is only a small amount of laundry, "1H Wash & Dry" programme is recommended (Laundry capacity: 1 kg).

Can I stop the machine operation and open the door during the clothes drying cycle for washer dryer?

When the washer is under drying mode, doors can only be opened after cooling down due to product safety design. If the issue persists, please contact our service centre for further assistance.


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