ECONAVI Technology

*1 Data collected by comparing with 1.5 HP non-inverter-type air-conditioner’s and 1.5 HP inverter-type ECONAVI heat-pump air-conditioner’s power consumption after operating for 2 hours. This test result is only for reference. Test Environment: Room sizes 16.6 square meter, outdoor temperature 35°C, preset temperature 25°C, fan speed “Hi”, vertical air supply ”ECONAVI”, horizontal air supply “Step 3” (1.5 HP non-inverter-type air-conditioner’s vertical air supply “Straight”).

Infrared Human Activity Sensor

ECONAVI applies infrared human activity sensor*2 which detects human movements, changes in activity levels and human absence. It optimizes air conditioner cooling/heating operation according to room conditions. It helps you to save energy efficiently with uninterrupted cooling, comfort and convenience.

  • Applied to Inverter ECONAVI heat-pump models & Multi-split models
  • Set Temperature on remote control display remains unchanged

Sunlight Sensor

ECONAVI also applies sunlight sensor which detect changes in sunlight intensity in the room. It reduces power consumption according to the weather conditions.

Large Coverage


When ECONAVI operates, the infrared sensor can detect human activity level and LED indicator *3 shows the direction and area of airflow.

*3 Applicable to Multi-split models

ECONAVI Technology is applicable for below models