Panasonic Inverter Cooking Technology

The Inverter is an innovative power delivery system which controls the microwave power more delicately than conventional system.

Thanks to its high precision control, a wider range of food can be cooked at optimal heating power, and you can enjoy better food with truly delicious flavor.

Healthy Steam Cooking


Steam cooking is excellent in maintaining food moisture, preserving the taste and nutrients, thus satisfying your need for a healthy diet. Steam microwave oven ensures the cooked food are plump and juicy even without using plastic wrap. Steam cooking also help release excess oil from the food, thus enable you to prepare healthy meals.

Merits of Combination of Steam and Microwave
Inverter B2

Different from pure steam cooking, highly consistent steam and microwave quickly cooks food without drying it out, thus retaining the nutrients and freshness of food.

Steam Defrost
Inverter B3

Unlike defrosting under room temperature, steam defrost is a more time-saving, hygienic and healthier way to defrost food like meat and seafood.

Steam Reheat
When reheating food or frozen food, powerful steam function maintains moisture, color and texture of food.

Simultaneous Combination Cooking

Panasonic Flat & Wide Interior

Wave-shaped Grill Tray

Equipped with microwave absorber, the wave-shaped grill tray can cook both sides of the food simultaneously. The upper heater browns the surface, while microwaves from below are absorbed by the bottom of the tray and turned into heat. There’s no need to turn the food over. The deep ribs on the tray let excess fat efficiently run off, making it easy to prepare meals with less fat.

Always-clean Oven Cleaning Function

The cavity has non-sticky fluorine coating which is durable and easy to clean. Always-clean Oven Cleaning Function enables the user to clean the cavity more easily even when the cavity is built up with fat or grease.