Bringing nature’s balance indoors
nanoe® X — technology with the benefits of
hydroxyl radicals

Abundant in nature, hydroxyl radicals have the capacity to inhibit pollutants. nanoe® X technology can bring these incredible benefits indoors, helping keep hard surfaces, soft furnishings and the whole indoor environment clean, and making it a more pleasant place to be.

In today's health-conscious world, we care about exercising, we care about what we eat and what we touch, and we care about what we breathe.

A. Hydroxyl radicals
B. Electrostatic
C. Contained in water (H2O)

A naturally occurring process

Thanks to the characteristics of nanoe® X, pollutants can be inhibited.

nanoe® X reaches pollutant.

Hydroxyl radicals denature pollutant proteins.

Pollutant is inhibited.

nanoe® X: improving protection 24/7

Effects of nanoe® X — unique Panasonic technology

Technology that brings natural freshness

Hydroxyl radicals are unstable molecules that readily react with elements like hydrogen, capturing them. Thanks to this reaction, hydroxyl radicals have the potential to inhibit the activity of pollutants, breaking them down and neutralising their unpleasant effects. This naturally occurring process has major benefits that improve indoor environments.

Panasonic's nanoe® X technology takes a step further and brings nature's detergent — hydroxyl radicals — indoors to help create an ideal environment.

By creating hydroxyl radicals contained in water, nanoe® X technology significantly boosts their effectiveness, increasing hydroxyl radicals' lifespan from less than a second in nature, to more than 600 seconds – 10 minutes.

1. Hydroxyl radicals in nature
Lifespan: about a second

2. Hydroxyl radicals contained in water
Lifespan: 600 seconds (10 minutes)

What’s unique about nanoe® X?

nanoe® X inhibits bacteria and viruses, moulds, allergens, pollens, and hazardous substances, as well as deodorising. It penetrates even tightly woven fabrics, including curtains, blinds, carpets and furniture, reaches pollutants on hard surfaces, and helps clean the air that we breathe.

Microscopic scale
At one billionth of a cubic metre, nanoe® X particles are much smaller than steam particles, so they penetrate deep into fabrics to deodorise.

Longer Lifespan
Contained in water, nanoe® X hydroxyl radicals have a longer lifespan, so they disperse more widely throughout the room.

Huge volume
nanoe® X Generator Mark 2 produces 9.6 trillion hydroxyl radicals per second. This increased volume of hydroxyl radicals generated by nanoe® X translates to higher performance in inhibiting pollutants.

No maintenance, no replacement required: nanoe® X is generated with a device made of titanium that does not require maintenance.
Note: Image shows nanoe® X Generator Mark 2

Fills Space actively
nanoe® X actively fills the entire room and goes beyond the filter to inhibit adhered and airborne pollutants.

Safe and non-chemical particles
The safety of nanoe® X has been tested in laboratories and institutions.