The Shower



Suggested Retail Price HK$20,800

  • The latest bath system: Offering hand-held or side sprayers bars with mist, multi-functional setting. It suits every family members bathing style
  • There are 2 bath modes to choose, "Quick bath" and "Comfort bath"
  • Made in Japan
  • For product detail, please visit or contact Living Station showroom at 2449 9980

Quick bath

  • You can just stand and use the hand-held or side sprayers bars.
  • Putting the side sprayers bars to the height you want and enjoy shower easily.

Bathroom 01

Comfort bath

  • You can just sit on the foldaway seat (maximum loading 100kg) to enjoy the bath. Lessen your tiredness after whole day activities or work.
  • Its mist spray keeps the warm temperature for your body. It makes you feel warm and relax, especially in winter time.

Bathroom 02

Bathroom 03 R Eng

3 type of bath appliances

Side sprayer bar
Back sprayer
Hand-held shower

The Shower
For specification, please refer to Product Catalogue in "Support" section.