Steam Oven (31L)
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  • Cavity Capacity: 31L
  • Cooking programs: Steam-Low, Steam-Med, Steam-High, Healthy Fry, Stew, Convection & Steam Convection
  • 77 preset menus and 7 cleaning functions
  • Inner cavity light


  • Cavity capacity: 31L
  • Cooking programs: Steam-Low, Steam-Med, Steam-High, Healthy Fry, Stew, Convection & Steam Convection
    • Steam-Low: 80°C steam temperature
    • Steam-Med: 100°C steam temperature
    • Steam-High: 120°C steam temperature
    • Healthy Fry: For cooking oil-less or oil-free fried food
    • Stew: Enable continuous 3-hour steam emission and no need to refill water during cooking
    • Convection: 2 levels of temperature selection (30°C / 40°C) for fermentation, and temperature range between 50-250°C for roasting
    • Steam Convection: Temperature selection (140°C / 190-250°C) for cooking with steam to make food moist
  • 77 preset menus and 7 cleaning functions
  • Inner cavity light
  • Water tank capacity: 1L
  • 1 metal steam tray, 1 wave tray & coloured cookbook included
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) : 37.5 x 49.4 x 48.4 (cm)
  • Colour: White
  • Made in China
3 Steam Modes Suitable for Variety of Ingredients

Enjoy a Variety of Steam Cooking!

Cooking with steam ensures tender and juicy food. Choose "Steam-High" or "Steam-Med" for dumplings, meat and seafood, or "Steam-Low" for soft-boiled eggs, shrimp or chicken breasts.


Max 30 min



Steamed Root Vegetables


Max 60 min

Shrimp Dumplings

Steamed Salmon

Chicken Rolls


Max 30 min

Soft-boiled Egg


Shrimp and Vegetable Marinade

2-level Convection Cooking

Can Bake a lot of Dishes at Once!

Convection cooking lets you cook on two levels simultaneously, making large families happier at mealtime. A fan circulates the heat evenly throughout the oven, so that it reaches the food uniformly and efficiently.

Wide Range Convection Cooking (50℃ - 250℃)

Enjoy a Wider Range of Baked Dishes!

Heating temperatures range from 50℃ to 250℃. Food is cooked uniformly even when cooking on two levels.

Diverse Cooking Features

Enjoy a Variety of Cooking!

Thanks to wider range of temperature settings, you can enjoy a variety of cooking.

Stew Mode
Max: 3 Hours

Stew Mode, steaming combined with convection cooking lets you easily make dishes that were troublesome and needed simmering for a long time, such as medicinal soups, with just pressing a button.

Steam Convection (140℃, 190℃ - 250℃)
Max: 1 Hour

This is a cooking method that combines convection heating and steam. Steam is sprayed on food during baking for fluffier cakes and juicer meats.

Healthy Fry
Max: 1.5 Hour

Hot air circulation lets you cook delicious, crispy but healthier food with smaller amount of oil.

Fermentation (30℃ / 40℃)
Max: 12 Hours

2 fermentation temperature settings are available. The 30℃ setting is ideal for making hard-crust breads that have difficult-to-control dough temperature, and for secondary fermentation of croissants.

30℃: European bread, Dough with rich oil
40℃: Chinese pastry, Pizza dough

84 Auto Menu Programmes

Easy to Use with Various Cooking and Cleaning Programmes!

Cooking Menu 77 settings

1: Steamed Fish

2: Steamed Eggs

4: Steam Frozen Foods

22: Chinese White Sliced Chicken

29: Teriyaki Chicken Wings

35: Barbecue Pork

44: Stewed Ribs Soup

48: Peach Gum and Lotus Seed Dessert

51: Fried Shrimp with Bread Crumbs

52: Fried Frozen Spring Rolls

58: Home-made Pizza

66: Chocolate Cookies

70: Home-made Yogurt

72: Steamed Bun Dough

74: Baby Steamed Sweet Potatoes

75: Salmon Flake

Cleaning Menu 7 settings

High-temperature steam lets you clean utensils.

  • Use to clean feeding bottles and tableware.
  • Convenient for cleaning oily and other hard-to-remove dirt.

*All bottles and accessories must be heat-proof temperature over 110℃, and all dishes must be heat-proof for over 130℃.

78: Cleaning Utensils 1 (quick)
79: Cleaning Utensils 2 (standard)
80: Cleaning Utensils 3 (high temperature)
81: Cleaning (Deodorization)
82: Cleaning (Cavity)
83: Cleaning (System)
84: Cleaning (Citric Acid)

Compact Design

31L Capacity, Yet Still Compact

The design is compact but still offers a large 31-litre capacity that makes it possible to cook large portions or meals all at once.

Large Water Tank

No need to refill water mid-way through cooking


Steam Oven (31L)
Steam Oven / Electric Oven
Dimensions (outer dimensions) (with dial/ handle )(H)37.5 X (W)49.4 X (D)48.4cm
Length of power cord (approx.)1.09M
Dimensions (Inner dimensions)(H)23.4 X (W)41.0 X (D)32.0 cm
Weight (approx.)18.1kg
Power ControlConvection: 30°C, 40°C, 50°C-250°C, Steam Convection: 140°C, 190°C-250°C
Power ConsumptionSteam: 1330W, Convection: 1380W, Steam convection: 1830W


Why the fan motor continues operating after cooking is over?

After using the steam oven, the fan motor will operate for several minutes to cool the oven and electronic components. This is normal.

Why some smoke will be given off from the cavity when using different kinds of Convection for the first time?

This is caused by the excessive oil in the cavity used for rust protection.

How to clean up after using steaming function?

After using cooking mode which has steaming function, residual water remains at the cavity. It is recommended to wipe off using dry cloth immediately and open the oven door for ventilation.

What if white powder found at steam outlet, drip tray and oven cavity?

The white powder is mineral crystal from evaporation of water, it is natural substance and harmless to human body.

You can use auto cleaning menu to clean the steam system and water supply pipe to improve condition.

If crystal attached to the nozzle or in the oven cavity, please wipe and clean with a wring cloth.

After using steam function or cleaning, pour out the water from the drip tray and wipe with a sponge.


User Manual - Operating Instructions Recipe - Cookbook


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