Steam Oven (31L)


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  • Cavity Capacity: 31L
  • Cooking programs: Steam-Low, Steam-Med, Steam-High, Healthy Fry, Stew, Convection & Steam Convection
  • 77 preset menus and 7 cleaning functions
  • Inner cavity light
  • Cavity capacity: 31L
  • Cooking programs: Steam-Low, Steam-Med, Steam-High, Healthy Fry, Stew, Convection & Steam Convection
    • Steam-Low: 80°C steam temperature
    • Steam-Med: 100°C steam temperature
    • Steam-High: 120°C steam temperature
    • Healthy Fry: For cooking oil-less or oil-free fried food
    • Stew: Enable continuous 3-hour steam emission and no need to refill water during cooking
    • Convection: 2 levels of temperature selection (30°C / 40°C) for fermentation, and temperature range between 50-250°C for roasting
    • Steam Convection: Temperature selection (140°C / 190-250°C) for cooking with steam to make food moist
  • 77 preset menus and 7 cleaning functions
  • Inner cavity light
  • Water tank capacity: 1L
  • 1 metal steam tray, 1 wave tray & coloured cookbook included
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) : 37.5 x 49.4 x 48.4 (cm)
  • Colour: White
  • Made in China

3 Steam Modes Suitable for Variety of Ingredients

Enjoy a Variety of Steam Cooking!

Cooking with steam ensures tender and juicy food. Choose "Steam-High" or "Steam-Med" for dumplings, meat and seafood, or "Steam-Low" for soft-boiled eggs, shrimp or chicken breasts.


Max 30 min



Steamed Root Vegetables


Max 60 min

Shrimp Dumplings

Steamed Salmon

Chicken Rolls


Max 30 min

Soft-boiled Egg


Shrimp and Vegetable Marinade

2-level Convection Cooking

Can Bake a lot of Dishes at Once!

Convection cooking lets you cook on two levels simultaneously, making large families happier at mealtime. A fan circulates the heat evenly throughout the oven, so that it reaches the food uniformly and efficiently.

Wide Range Convection Cooking (50℃ - 250℃)

Enjoy a Wider Range of Baked Dishes!

Heating temperatures range from 50℃ to 250℃. Food is cooked uniformly even when cooking on two levels.

Diverse Cooking Features

Enjoy a Variety of Cooking!

Thanks to wider range of temperature settings, you can enjoy a variety of cooking.

Stew Mode
Max: 3 Hours

Stew Mode, steaming combined with convection cooking lets you easily make dishes that were troublesome and needed simmering for a long time, such as medicinal soups, with just pressing a button.

Steam Convection (140℃, 190℃ - 250℃)
Max: 1 Hour

This is a cooking method that combines convection heating and steam. Steam is sprayed on food during baking for fluffier cakes and juicer meats.

Healthy Fry
Max: 1.5 Hour

Hot air circulation lets you cook delicious, crispy but healthier food with smaller amount of oil.

Fermentation (30℃ / 40℃)
Max: 12 Hours

2 fermentation temperature settings are available. The 30℃ setting is ideal for making hard-crust breads that have difficult-to-control dough temperature, and for secondary fermentation of croissants.

30℃: European bread, Dough with rich oil
40℃: Chinese pastry, Pizza dough

84 Auto Menu Programmes

Easy to Use with Various Cooking and Cleaning Programmes!

Cooking Menu 77 settings

1: Steamed Fish

2: Steamed Eggs

4: Steam Frozen Foods

22: Chinese White Sliced Chicken

29: Teriyaki Chicken Wings

35: Barbecue Pork

44: Stewed Ribs Soup

48: Peach Gum and Lotus Seed Dessert

51: Fried Shrimp with Bread Crumbs

52: Fried Frozen Spring Rolls

58: Home-made Pizza

66: Chocolate Cookies

70: Home-made Yogurt

72: Steamed Bun Dough

74: Baby Steamed Sweet Potatoes

75: Salmon Flake

Cleaning Menu 7 settings

High-temperature steam lets you clean utensils.

  • Use to clean feeding bottles and tableware.
  • Convenient for cleaning oily and other hard-to-remove dirt.

*All bottles and accessories must be heat-proof temperature over 110℃, and all dishes must be heat-proof for over 130℃.

78: Cleaning Utensils 1 (quick)
79: Cleaning Utensils 2 (standard)
80: Cleaning Utensils 3 (high temperature)
81: Cleaning (Deodorization)
82: Cleaning (Cavity)
83: Cleaning (System)
84: Cleaning (Citric Acid)

Compact Design

31L Capacity, Yet Still Compact

The design is compact but still offers a large 31-litre capacity that makes it possible to cook large portions or meals all at once.

Large Water Tank

No need to refill water mid-way through cooking

Steam Oven (31L)
Steam Oven / Electric Oven
Dimensions (outer dimensions) (with dial/ handle )(H)37.5 X (W)49.4 X (D)48.4cm
Length of power cord (approx.)1.09M
Dimensions (Inner dimensions)(H)23.4 X (W)41.0 X (D)32.0 cm
Weight (approx.)18.1kg
Power ControlConvection: 30°C, 40°C, 50°C-250°C, Steam Convection: 140°C, 190°C-250°C
Power ConsumptionSteam: 1330W, Convection: 1380W, Steam convection: 1830W
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