Window-Split Type Inverter Air-Conditioner (1 HP)
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  • Product Main Features and Advantages
    • Equppied with nanoe®X Air Purifying System (Read more)
    • Inhibiting 99.99% SARS-CoV-2 (Read more)
    • Wi-Fi function, supported with Panasonic Comfort Cloud App** (Installation of Wi-Fi Adapter CZ-TACG1 is required)(Read More)
    • "Inverter" adjusts output power finely to maintain a constant temperature and conserve energy
    • Environmental Friendly R32 Refrigerant
  • Product Specification
    • 1 HP (Cooling Model - With Remote Control)
    • 9,045 Btu/h
    • Grade 1 Energy Label
  • Warranty
    • 1 year warranty: Entire unit
    • 5 years warranty: Compressor
    • Complimentary 6 months of Scaffolding Supporting Plan (Read More), starting from 1/4/2023.

*Scaffolding may be required, depending on the installation environment.

**Currently only available in Hong Kong


nanoe® X is a patented ion technology developed by Panasonic. It is an electrostatic atomization technology that collects invisible moisture in the air and applies high voltage to it to produce "hydroxyl radicals contained in water". The decisive factor is the existence of hydroxyl radicals inside nanoe®X. Hydroxyl radicals are characterized by being strongly oxidative and highly reactive to inhibit a wide variety of air-pollutants, associated with the effect of skin and hair motorization, which provides the best quality of air to your family.

7 Effects


The negatively charged nanoe-G adheres with PM2.5, inhibit up to 99% PM2.5*1,bacteria and viruses(e.g., staphylococcus aureus*2, influenza [H1N1]*2, Escherichia coil phage*2)


nanoe-G ion generator releases negative ions.


Negative ions attach to dust particles.


The pollutants are being taken to the filter

*1FCG Research Institute lnc Test result *2Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science test result


What is PM2.5?

PM 2.5 is know as particulate matter with size of less than 2.5 micrometers, which is one of the product of fossil fuel combustion. It is said to pose health problem as it can easily enter human lungs as it is smaller than bacteria.


Window-Split Type Inverter Air-Conditioner (1 HP)
Remote Control
Air-purifying System nanoe-X+nanoe-G
Cooling Capacity
Seasonal Performance Factor
Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF)4.987
Power Supply
Voltage V220
Power Consumption A4.6
Input Power kW0.840
Power Plug3-round-pin 15A plug
Moisture Removal
Air Circulation(Indoor / Hi)
Indoor Unit Dimension(H x W x D)
mm295 x 798 x 235
Outdoor Unit Dimension(H x W x D)
mm348 x 443 x 373
Net Weight
Indoor Unit10 kg
Outdoor20 kg
Piping Diameter
Liquid mm / inchψ6.35 / 1/4"
Gas mm / inchψ9.52 / 3/8"
Power SupplyIndoor
WiFi Adapter


Why does water seepage occur in the indoor unit of a split-type air-conditioner?

Answer 1:

It could be due to the absence of horizontal tests before the installation of the air-conditioner or the negligence of the water level difference, which hinders the removal of condensed water, during installation.


Please ensure the indoor unit is horizontally installed with a level staff. If not, you are advised to call a qualified installer for reinstallation or readjustment of the water level difference at the drain.

Answer 2:

Dust accumulates in the indoor unit naturally over time and may mix with condensed water, possibly silting up the drain. The blockage would hinder the removal of condensed water, causing water seepage.


Please call professionals to clean the indoor unit regularly to ensure smooth removal of condensed water.

What is the squeaking sound when the indoor unit is running?


It is caused by the expansion or contraction due to temperature changes.

While nanoe-G is operated, the air-con makes little noise, sound like “gi-gi-gi”, is it in abnormal operation?


While nanoe-G is operated, the nanoe-G generator makes little noises as it produces nano-ions. If you would like to switch off the nanoe-G function, you can press the nanoe-G button of the remote control.


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