Inhibits pet-derived allergens and major allergens.

In addition to allergens* from sources such as dog/cat dander*, mite faeces/carcasses*, ​and airborne mould*, other major allergens* can also be inhibited.

A sensitive age

Could there be allergens lurking in the carpet? At home or at the nursery, nanoe® X helps keep your loved ones secure by penetrating deep into fabrics to inhibit a wide range of allergens, giving you peace of mind.

Effects on allergens

Inhibition* effect verified by disappearance of coloured section (band) that reacts to allergens.

Dermatophagoides farinae



Tree and shrub pollen​


Grass pollen

Proven allergens with nanoe® X

Mites​ Dermatophagoides farinae / Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus
Mould​ Alternaria / Aspergillus / Candida / Malassezia​
Animals​ Dog (dander) / Cat (dander)
Insects​ Cockroach / Moth​
Tree and shrub pollen​ Cedar / Cypress / Alnus japonica / Japanese white birch / Olive /​ Juniper / Casuarina
Grass pollen Orchard grass / Timothy grass / Ragweed / Miscanthus / Artemisia / Humulus japonicus

How nanoe® X works

nanoe® X reaches allergens.

Hydroxyl radical denature allergen proteins​.

Allergen is inhibited.*

*Testing organisation: Panasonic Product Analysis Center. Testing method: Verified using the electrophoresis method in an approximately 23m3-sized test chamber. Inhibition method: nanoe® released. Target substances: Allergens (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, Dermatophagoides farina, Cedar, Cypress, Orchard grass, Ragweed, Alnus japonica, Japanese white birch, Artemisia, Olive, Juniper, Casuarina, Miscanthus, Timothy grass, Humulus japonicus, Alternaria, Aspergillus, Candida, Malassezia, cockroach, moth, dog (dander), cat (dander)). Test result: Inhibitory effect confirmed in 24 hours. (4AA33-160615-F01, 4AA33-170301-F15, 4AA33-151001-F01, 4AA33-151028-F01, 4AA-33-160601-F01, 4AA33-160601-F02, 4AA33-160701-F01, 1V332-180301-F01, 4AA33-160615-F02, 4AA33-160615-F03, 4AA33-160620-F01)

Results may vary based on usage, and seasonal and environmental variables (temperature and humidity). nanoe® X and nanoe® inhibit activity or growth of Allergens, but do not prevent infection.